Introducing the Bee Cosmetics Pro x Shalisa Elizabeth Glow Getter-Mask & Massage Duo!
Your beauty regimen is a form of self-care, and that starts with skin. As a beauty professional with 10 years in the industry, Shalisa has made it her passion to not only create flawless, glowing makeup looks on her clients, but also to promote good skincare practices-- because when you look good, you feel good!
That’s why BEE Cosmetics Pro has partnered with her on this Glow-Getter duo to nourish & brighten your inner and outer glow!
Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, this serum-infused sheet mask contains key ingredients that will improve the overall texture and tone of the skin, revealing a healthy glow.
The accompanying jade roller maximizes the benefits of your sheet mask by massaging your skincare into the skin. By pressing & rolling on the face, you are increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins and minimizing texture. The cooling sensation of the stone also calms the mind, improves headaches, sinus pressure and minimizes puffiness.
Treat yourself, and your skin in just a few easy steps!

Your GLOW-UP awaits…

About Shalisa Elizabeth


Shalisa is a Milwaukee-based pro makeup artist committed to bringing out her clients’ inner glow. Her love for makeup began 10 years ago after graduating from Hampton University..

Wth gorgeous, glowing skin as her passion, she uses makeup artistry and her PR background to individually compliment a client’s sense of style.

Her resume includes clients such as actress and producer Issa Rae, Grammy Nominated Singer Mumufresh, former White House Correspondent April D. Ryan, as well as productions for Nike, VH1’s Black Ink Chicago, the Smithsonian Museum of African American History & Culture and Oprah Magazine,


The true definition of a Glow-Getter!